Get This AirBNB Coupons And Try These Unique Vacation Accommodations

airbnbcoupon Get This AirBNB Coupons And Try These Unique Vacation Accommodations

Bored of the usual hotels and accommodations you stay in every time you travel? Then it’s time you visit and book your accommodations with them today. Airbnb is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations. With thousands of vacation rentals listed in 192 countries all over the world, you’ll find many unique vacation rentals at AirBNB that will give a twist to your usual vacation time. From treehouses to cave houses castles, AirBNB got it all for you. What’s even great news is that AirBNB is offering AirBNB discount coupons today that will allow you to save $25 off your booking. Use this AirBNB Coupon Code and book your unique vacation rental today. Here are some of our favorite vacation rentals listed at AirBNB

Airplane Hotel at Netherlands – this boasts a luxury suite that comes with serious amenities: Infrared sauna, jacuzzi tub, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, minibar, three flat screen televisions, a kitchenette and awesome beds. The only thing it cant do is fly – but you can sit in the pilot seat and pretend to fly home.

Igloo in Greenland – experience Greenland all its winter glory by staying in an igloo overlooking the Ilulissat Ice Fjord. What’s great about this vacation rental is that the Hotel Arctic, receptions and restaurants are just a few paces away.

Giraffe’s Manor in Kenya – in a glance, this Manor listed at AirBNB is nothing but ordinary. What make it standout though are the giraffe that live in the Manor. if you love animals, then this Manor will be for you. The giraffes are friendly, so friendly that sometimes, it will stick it’s head on the oversize windows and would want to share your breakfast.

The Boot at New Zealand – remember that old tailor’s house in the fairytales? You can totally be a part of the fairytale by renting this one. Everything is so magical you’ll never want to leave.

Lighthouse in New York – for those who are looking for bizarre options closer to the United States then this lighthouse just a few miles in the big apple would be an awesome rental. The lighthouse is located on its own island for those who are looking to escape the busty environment of New York and have peace. For $350 per night, guests will have to service their own porta-potties, bring their own food, and even go ghost hunting.

Castle in United Kingdom – for about $200 per night, you can experience living like a royalty with one of the castles listed at AirBNB. Everything in this castle is extravagant but the walls speaks of old age and history. Perfect for those who want a classic feel on their vacation.

RV’s in Spain – get an outdoor adventure you’re not likely to forget with one of AirBNB’s RV rental. It offers all the comforts of home with the luxury of a 5 star hotelroom in the middle of nature. Fingers crossed there aren’t any bears crashing the party. But besides that, this vacation rental is perfect for nature lovers or adventure seekers who still want comfort when night comes.

Must Buy Products at Halo cigs

With the rise in competition there are many brands that are coming into the market. You can read so many reviews of the different packs available online here and here. One of the leading brands in ecig production is Halo. In this review we are going to discuss the best products offered by Halo. Halo also provides many discounts, deals and Halo cigs coupons to its customers. You can use promo codes and coupon codes to avail added discounts. Following is a list of must buy Halo products. Hope they help!

Halo Triton Tank

It has an eGo style battery with a nice simple tank. It has a powerful battery, cartomizer system that gives you more than four hundred puffs. The standard kit comes with 650mAh and 950mAh batteries.

Halo G6 starter kit

You must try the Halo G6 starter kit, if you are into stylish, more powerful stuff. You will feel the difference when you hold a halo G6 ecig in your hand for the first time. G6 is equipped with rubberized texture that gives it a luxurious feeling. It gives great performance that can last for hours. The mini battery is gives off a lot of thick vapor and will prove to be a great hit on your system. Halo also offers many basic but cool colors of battery that you can choose for your ecig.

Halo flavors

Halo flavors have the best quality, refined e-juices you can buy in the market. They have the basic tobacco and menthol. Halo sticks to the basic flavors and makes sure you get best out of your ecig at just $30

If you find the above list helpful and want to know more, simply log on to their site and browse the products of your choice. You can simply buy these awesome products online. Avail the season sale with great discounts, if you order now. Don’t forget to use Halo coupon codes and promo codes for added benefits.

V2 Cigs Review – Why It Is The Best E-cig Brand For You

V2 needs no second introduction to its loyal e-cig customers. This popular brand of e-cig is well-known all around the world. The reason behind this extreme popularity has some particular reasons. It is featured with all necessary advantages such as affordability, battery life, flavors, and other common accessories. Among a huge number of similar competitor of e-cig products V2 is still in the top leading position, which is by meeting the highly raising demand of the customers. It seems that V2 is the ultimate choice for both the beginners and the advanced level e-cig users. Once you have experienced this e-cig, you will scarcely find any limitation regarding e-cigs in this brand.

The design and external design do a lot in case of selection. V2 is now available with four different designs, as there are 4 unique starter kits of V2. The devices are so well featured that in comparison to the price, nobody will claim for any lacking at all.

Most importantly the PCC that means the portable charging case is too beautiful to ignore. It is made of stainless steel and graphite with glossy which color. The lucrative design will make you pleased at the time of vaping and will be useable anywhere you want.

To say about V2 flavors I have to mention the wide range of variety and uniqueness. The quality is of the flavors are or maintained that no harmful ingredients, and artificial particle are included in it. The food grade flavoring, propylene glycol, and nicotine are very hygienic to the users. Some of the most popular flavors are V2 Red, Sahara,V2 Vanilla, V2 Peppermint, V2 Coffee, V2 Mint Tea, V2 Grape, V2 Cola, V2 Menthol etc.

Battery power of e-cig will provide more than 5 to 7 hours consistent vaping. That means the standard vaping will allow you 250 deep puffs and the extra-long one will be perfect for around 450 deep puffs.

Last of all the cost of the V2 e-cigs are reasonable too. They are probably one of the most economical brand in the industry today. Furthermore, they also offer V2 cigs discount code option where you can get direct discount service for as much as 50% off using V2 cigs coupons. Moreover, in referring any new customer each time you will be given a discount of $15, which will be credited to your account. Sharing V2 cigs in your social accounts, writing V2 cigs reviews, buying V2 products and more also have some equivalent points which you can use to get V2 cigs discounts.